General Practitioner Services

General Practitioners, or Family doctors, are typically the first point-of-contact for patients when they feel ill or experience an injury. Patients of Crown Medical Surgical Associates enjoy General Practitioner care from a skilled staff led by Dr. Oranu Ibekie.

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Advanced Diagnostic Imaging

Crown Medical Surgical Associates offers fast and accurate diagnostic imaging services performed by an experienced imaging team helmed by Dr. Emmanuel Osagiede.

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Surgical Services

Crown Medical Surgical Associates surgeons are board-certified and trained in subspecialties to treat a range of complex and rare disorders that require surgery, using the most minimally invasive procedures possible.

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Your Path To Wellness Begins Here

Crown Medical Surgical Associates was founded by a team of premier physicians, surgeons, and specialists who provide world class, high quality, customized medical care that is affordable and accessible – no matter where you’re located. Getting started is easy:

  1. Fill out our short contact form, and you’ll receive an email that includes next steps for making your appointment.
  2. Once we’ve received all requested materials from step 1, our doctors will provide you with a custom, comprehensive care plan tailored to your health and wellbeing.
  3. Our support staff will work with you to schedule your visit to our Chicagoland offices.
  4. During your stay, Crown Medical Surgical Associates arranges all ground transportation, including to and from the airport, your appointment(s), and concierge services as requested.
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